Match Preview- Manchester City vs Chelsea

Match Preview- Manchester City vs Chelsea

On match day 26, this Sunday the former champions Manchester City are set to mach up against Chelsea. 

Manchester city are in very good form recently as they have climbed to the top of the table overtaking Liverpool last week. Manchester City have won 4 out of their last 5 games while Chelsea have only won 2 matches out of the last 5. However, the blues last match came out on top in a 5 goal thriller with new signing Gonzalo Higuain netting in 2 goals. City manager Pep Guardiola has came out and told his players to ”play like it’s a cup final. I have a lot of respect for them as they are very organized with very good players.” Earlier in the season the first fixture between these two sides resulted in a 2-0 win to Chelsea home at Standord Bridge. Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri has also came out and said ”I think City are the best team in Europe. ” We got lucky in December and were fortunate not to concede.” It is obvious that both managers and clubs have great respect for one another. Injuries for City are fullback Ben Mendy, central defender Vincent Kompany and goal keeper Bravo. For Chelsea it’s just the center-back Antonio Rudiger who is injured but may return for this match.

For my prediction I’m going to have to go for a 1-1 draw as both clubs are coming of big wins. Due to new signing Higuain I think he may net in a goal and make this match very close, it really will be a tough match though as it’s at City’s home ground.

Kick-off: 4PM GMT, 12PM EST

Venue: Etihad Stadium, Manchester

Referee: Mike Dean

Match Date: Sunday, February 10th

Make sure to put your predictions in the comment section, I am very interested to see what you guys think!



The Struggles of the Gunners Continue


Following Arsenals receArsenal_FC.pngnt defeat against Manchester City on Sunday at the Etihad, they have dropped out of the top 4 to the 6th position in the Premier league. It was a poor performance in the second half by Arsenal as it just looked like they were too shy to have a proper go at City, some even said it looked like men vs boys. Despite having some fantastic performers this season like Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Lucas Torreira, Matteo Guendouzi, etc, they have struggled on the defensive side especially. The recent season ending injury of full back Hector Bellerin, it has forced Lichtsteiner to step in but he is just not up to the standards. In my opinion I can’t see Arsenal finishing in the top four, especially due to the fact that Hector is out for the season.

A pressing issue this season was brought up by many Arsenal supporters was to sign a defender in the January transfer window. Despite this issue, manager Unai Emery didn’t feel like it was necessary to sign a defender, but instead signed the Barcelona Spaniard; Denis Suarez. He had played a short amount of the game on Sunday but sadly didn’t play up to standards.

After many years of Arsene Wenger in charge, he had finally departed last season as many supporters demanded. Under new manager Unai Emery, they have been doing even worse but some say he is not to blame. Many say owner and billionaire, Stan Kroenke, American businessman is to blame. He has been a shareholder along with another individual since 2007 until he became the sole shareholder in 2018 for stan-kroenke-arsenal_32083702.2 million dollars. Stan Kroenke, also owner of the N.F.L. team the Los Angeles Rams is to blame as there are some reports of him actually taking money out of the club, and providing funds from Arsenal to the Rams. Some Arsenal supporters have expressed their anger about the owner on social media.


Arsenal have not won the Premier league in over 15 years, the last title won was the famous undefeated invincibles containing Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry, Patrick Viera, Sol Campbell, Robert Pires and many more legends of the game. Arsenal were once known as one of the best clubs in the world but now have obtained a not so good reputation. Many supporters wish Arsenal could return to the glory days, and maybe they will; one thing is certain that they will not return to the glory days for a while.


Borussia Dortmund vs Real Madrid: UCL Matchday 2

Borussia Dortmund vs Real Madrid: UCL Matchday 2

On Tuesday night Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund are set to meet for matchday 2.

After a 6-0 win to Dortmund against Warsaw, Borussia would definitely like to continue that wonderful form.It wont be easy as Madrid will definitly want to minimize Dortmund’s goal diference this Tuesday to get closer to that 1st spot due to Real only winning 2-1 against Cristiano’s former club, Sporting back a couple weeks ago. Now, Madrid being much better than their previous opponents will consiquent to a much bigger challenge although Dortmund are the home team. Madrid will likely go in with an obvious 4-3-3 formation and perhaps sub on Morata as Dortmund will potentially go will their 4-3-2-1 system, 3 DM’s and 2 AM’s.

What I’m trying to say is this will be tough for both teams.In many ways this match can define the winner of Group F.

Kick-off 7:45pm UK time

Venue Signal Iduna Park

Referee Mark Clattenburg

Odds Home: 6/4 Draw 23/10 Away 7/4

Prediction Will be a tough match but I have to say 2-1 to Real Madrid, the defending champions. Looking to see Ronaldo have a big game scoring at least a goal for Los Blancos.

Ibrahimovic, Gundogan, Xhaka, but will they do good?

Ibrahimovic, Gundogan, Xhaka, but will they do good?

There have been a lot of crazy signings this summer and more to come. But today I have chosen 3 players and saying if they can perform or not. So lets get right in to this!

The first player I’ve gone will is Ibrahimovic, and the clear answer is YES! But why? Him and the manager, Jose Mourinho and old lads at Inter and they will be great together. Also Ibrahimovic is no youngster, he has years of experience in the Serie A, Ligue 1 and the BBVA. He will be great in the PL and score many goals and have a fantastic season. Jose actually picked him up for free in the free agency, IBRA FOR FREE? So yes indeed, I think Ibrahimovic will do great at United and have a fantastic season although It’s only a 1 year deal. Also the 2 legends Paul Scholes and Peter Schmeichel have praised Ibrahimovic and stated that he is the perfect fit!

Now the second player if gone with is Ilkay Gundogan to Manchester City for  £21m. At 25 years of age, a great central midfielder is just what City needed. Fernandinho is getting old and same with Fernando also Delph is no where near world class. Although Ilkay Gundogan has never been out of Germany, It’s just what he needs for the 25 year old to have a great season.

Finally, the third and final player, Granit Xhaka to Arsenal for £30 million. He has already gave Arsenal a glimpse of what is to come with a man of the match display in Switzerland’s 1-0 victory over Albania. Even the manager Johan Djourou says he will do Arsenal a lot of good! The young talent, 23, has never been out of Germany, but just like Gundogan, It’s what he needs to just be fantastic!

So those we’re my 3 players, and boy, will they do good! Next season, and even in the Euros you should be looking forward to these signings, and pay much attention to them!

P.S. Feel free to leave a rating, like as well as a comment will be much appreciated,

Thank you!

Euros 2016: Will Cristiano Ronaldo have a big impact?

Euros 2016: Will Cristiano Ronaldo have a big impact?

A man who hasn’t been in the headlines lately, Cristiano Ronaldo. The best player the world has ever seen, but no speculation around him, is that exactly what he needs to perform and lead Portugal to the European cup finals? 

Hello Ladies and Gentleman, today we will be seeing if Cristiano Ronaldo can carry Portugal to the top, or self destruct is failure. Currently there has been speculation and headlines on Portugal players due to there being a golden generation to come of youngsters, but Ronaldo at 31, definitely isn’t considered young, actually, he’s considered old. But that might be good for him, since 2004 all he’s wanted is to win, and especially the Euros, and with no pressure on him, he could be brilliant!

Portugal’s opining match is on Tuesday against Iceland and in this tournament, Ronaldo isn’t the 1 man any more, he has many young teammates to help. The likes of Anthony Lopes, a great young keeper, the central mid Andre Gomes as ell as William Carvalho! Those to midfielders could be feeding Ronaldo goals, and getting an outstanding number of assists! Also with Messi out of the picture, he will most defiantly be #1 in the Euros! Also he is the leading scorer in Portuguese history with 56 goals, and been captain since 2008!

What next for Cristiano after the tournament? 

No summer is without speculation about his future, and having everything done and won at Real, links with PSG and even back to the PL are most likely to bubble again just like last summer, and maybe just one more.


Euro 2016: Predictions, Knockout Stages!

Euro 2016: Predictions, Knockout Stages!

The first 24 team and 6 group Euros will commence on a Friday evening in St.Denis, France at the well known Stade de France. Before that I will be nailing in my predictions as well as the knockout stages for this years 2016 Euros, now lets get right in to it!

Starting at group A is France, Romania,Switzerland and Albania. As France are one of the favorites in this prestigious tournament as well as the host nation they will obviously finish top of the group! In second place I’ve chosen Switzerland due to Dortmund’s amazing goal-keeper Roman Burki. Also due to Stokes Xherdan Shaqiri and Arsenal’s new signing Granit Xhaka! Also don’t forget that 4 3rd place teams will still be going through depending on points then goal difference. So in 3rd place I have gone through mainly because Albania doesn’t have any good talents to be honest with you and are ranked #42 in the FIFA world rankings and Romania are 22nd so for me It’s gonna be Romania 3rd and Albania last.

Next is group B and in it is England, Russia, Slovakia and Wales. First place is obvious England with an outstanding arsenal of strikers being Wayne Rooney, Daniel Sturridge and the 2 top scorers in the BPL Harry Kane and the lengthy Jamie Vardie! Second is right beside England in the world in terms of location and that is Gareth Bales side, Wales. To be honest with you in matters on Bales performances. On his day he has the power to carry his nation in an outstanding way, but if he doesn’t, It will all crumble. Although they have one of Arsenal’s key central-midfielders Aaron Ramsey who on his day could bang in a couple of assists and amazing goals. In 3rd I’ve gone with Russia as they have a solid goal-keeper being Igor Akinfeev and also because It’s Slovakia’s first Euros as an independent nation and since 1976 being Czechoslovakia, so yes! Russia will finish 3rd and the new country to the Euros Slovakia will finish in a disappointing 4th place.

OK, Group C is Poland, Ukraine, Northern Ireland and the German giants! In first again is extraordinarily obvious being the German giants of course with the likes of Thomas Muller and the strongest defense in the world being Manuel Neuer in Goal with Jerome Boateng and Mats Hummels with the Bayern Center-back pairing. On the left is Howedes and right is the young but promising Hector. In second is a nation that is right beside in in terms of location and that is Lewandowski’s Poland! He will be coming up against numerous teammates on Germany and that game will be interesting! In 3rd I’ve gone with Ukraine due to the fact that Northern Ireland don’t have much of a team and Ukraine have great depth in midfield with Sevilla’s star Yevheniq Konoplyanka. That does mean though that Northern Ireland will be eliminated.

Now group D which is one of the 2 groups of death and the 4 sides that are in it are Spain, Turkey, Czech Republic and Croatia. Yet again it seems like first place is obvious being Spain. They also have one of the best defenses being David De Gea in Goal, the center-back pairing of Pique and Ramos, and on the left Jordi Alba and on the right the promising and proven Bellerin. In second it has to be the Croatians with a stacked midfield with the likes of Modric, Rakitic, Kovacic and Perisic. In 3rd it had to be Turkey who have some key players for example Hakan Calhanoglu, arguably the best free-kick taker in the world!  Also Czech Republic only have 1 stand out player being their goal-keeper Petr Cech. I really think that Turkey are one of the dark horses in this tournament and could surprise, so yes, sadly Czech Republic will be eliminated anyway onward we go!

Almost finished in terms of group stages, we have group E, the real group of death? The nations are the Belgium beasts, Italy, Ireland and Sweden. Ah, at last a group where first place is not THAT obvious. Anyway it sort of  is, so I’ve gone with Belgium due to the master mind Kevin De Bruyne and Belgium being #2 in the FIFA world ranking right behind Argentina which does make them the strongest side in terms of rankings. In second will be Italy, their best chances are Insigne and Candreva due to Marco Veratti being injured. But come on Italy have to finish it front of Sweden and Republic of Ireland, right? Anyway Sweden will come first, but just like Poland and Wales it completely depends on how Ibrahimovic performs, and sadly both Ireland’s will be eliminated as they don’t really have any notable players so Sweden will finish 3rd and Ireland will be eliminated.

Finally the final group which is group F with Portugal, Iceland, Hungary and Austria. In first it will be Cristiano Ronaldo’s side, Portugal in first bu also with the talented goalkeeper Lopez. I must admit that was pretty easy but in second it has to be Austria due to Bayern’s talented left-back David Alaba! Also surprisingly Austria are #10 in the FIFA world rankings which will definitely give them a big boost. In third I’ve gone will Hungary in 3rd and Iceland last because that’s what most people have been saying, I also agree that Hungary are just a little bit stronger even though I don’t know any players on either side but Hungary are the stronger team on paper.

But now I must pick my 4, 3rd place teams! The options are Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Sweden and Hungary. I have picked Sweden because they have Ibrahimovic  who could definitely score a couple of goals to bring them through! Next I’ve gone with Russia due to past experience in this tournament and goal-keeper Igor Akinfeev. Then I’ve gone with in my opinion, the biggest dark horses in the tournament, Turkey, that could really surprise some people. Now there’s Hungary, Romania and Ukraine, I’ve eliminated Hungary due to not being in the Euros for absolute ages! So I’ve gone with Romania because their just a bit stronger then Ukraine! So again my 4 3rd place teams are Sweden, Russia, Turkey and Romania!

Finally, at last! The knockout stages of this prestigious tournament! The first match is Poland v. Switzerland so I had to go with Poland and Lewandowski! The next match is Spain v. Romania and this one was obvious. It’s going to be Spain, amazing defense and they will go far in this tournament! England v. Turkey, as I said Turkey are the dark horses so I think that England will hilariously lose again in a penalty shootout. Portugal v. Italy and I’m gonna have to route with Cristiano on this one, Italy have been performing poorly lately so they will be knocked out! The next match is Germany v. Russia and Germany are far too strong for Russia and the German defense is just outstanding. Next is Belgium v. Croatia and It’s gonna be Belgium, there squad is too strong and they are #2 in the FIFA world rankings, sorry Croatia, but It’s over for you…  Now It’s France v. Sweden and the host nation and the favorites will obviously beat Sweden even If Zlatan performs. The last match for this round is Wales v. Austria which in my opinion is basically Bale v. Alaba and Gareth will win every time so Wales will be going through!

The big quarter finals! In game 1 It’s Spain v. Poland and It just had to be Spain! I mean, Robert Lewandowski by himself can’t beat a stacked squad of Spaniards! Sorry Poland, but Spain is clearly going to completely beat you in fashion. Now we have Rolando’s Portugal against Turkey! This will be the end of the dark horses and Ronaldo will completely and  utterly tear apart Turkeys team and Portugal will go through. Next is a huge one, the German giants v. the Belgium beasts!  But to be honest I think the world cup winners will beat them as they have an insanely stronger defense then Belgium. Sadly that will be the end of Belgium and their highly anticipated speculation. Next is also an obvious one! We have the hosts France v. Bale’s Wales. The host nation is just to strong and also It’s sad to  say but Wales are a 1 man team, sorry Aaron Ramsey!

The Semi-Finals, what ever team gets here should be proud! We have bloody Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal come up against fellow Real teammates on Spain! But for once It’s not obvious! I think that Portugal will cause an upset as Ronaldo will be trying his very hardest after many years ago v. Greece in the finals as his side Portugal and him were in absolute tears, especially Ronaldo. Sorry Spain, but that’s what you get for playing so poorly in the World cup! Next one also isn’t obvious! It’s Germany v. the hosts France! I think that after Germany winning the world cup there will be a upset and the host nation will push threw! Also Germany have a lack of strikers which will defiantly help France!

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the 2016 European cup finals! France v. Portugal, this was one of the toughest decisions in my whole life! But as a strong galácticos  fan, and I will route with Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal winning the 2016 European cup! It will go in to extra-time, maybe even penalty’s but Portugal will never give up and the host nation will sadly be defeated in the finals!

So there we have it! Portugal will win the Euros and with a golden generation of superstars to come to bring even more silverware. If you disagree with me which you may do, leave a comment saying who will win if you don’t think It’s Portugal. So yes, the most elite player in world soccer history has no speculation about him in the tournament, but at the end has all of it and all the glory. So just like in 2004, he will be crying! Not tears of sadness though, tears of joy and victory! Thanks to all of you for tuning in,